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13th January 2022
So here I am. The big Two-O. No "teen" suffix to make me feel like I'm still a teenager; I'm now a straight-up adult, who should be out doing adult things. But still, I don't really feel much of a change at all. Yeah, I know; obviously that'll happen because it's only been a day since I was 19, but I mean I don't really feel like I've changed much since I was like 15. There were things I've wanted to do, people I wanted to see, places I wanted to go, but ever since that bug walked out of that lab, everything else has ground to a halt. I still can't drive a car (not legally at least; I've had almost three years-worth of lessons), my social skills are still pretty lacking (but kinda getting better) and I'm trapped on this island because of all these restrictions, when I could be out travelling. Most of all though, I seem to have very little drive towards making stuff. I guess I'm just kinda shy and shoving my face in front of a camera, like I planned to do after my A-Levels, isn't really my strong point, and I've been thinking of making a couple videos here and there but my plans of doing all these big bombastic online works seem to have fallen to the wayside. I suppose I do need to get some people together to help create something big, especially if I want to have a future in media, but then again, I'm not exactly good with people. I'm planning on doing this placement for university, so maybe that might help get my foot in the door, but so far it's been a really long and tedious process. Still, I'm starting to get involved with using the equipment at uni and might get something together soon, so baby steps I guess.

So then, where do I see myself by thirty? Ideally married, getting deeper into my career, living in my own house, and maybe even having a kid. Is that all unrealistic? Yeah, probably. And not just in a whole "not in this economy" kind of way, but also because I've still got far to go until I can get there. I'm still really co-dependent and can't seem to take responsibility over much at all really, so expecting myself to clean my act up and become a super-successful and dependable guy seems like quite a daunting task. Yeah, it's ten years, and yeah, I'll have many more opportunities to grow my career and relationships in that much time, but I suppose developing those things is like a lifelong process. I've just got to get involved at some point and not end up like Chris-Chan or someone like him by expecting the world around me to bend to my will. Personally, I don't mind not having a massive ring of connections since I've always preferred my own company. Sure, I guess it's nice to be out with the boys, but just one or two life partners (whether they be lads or lasses) is all right. Honestly, I'm kinda rambling at this point, laying out my thoughts as I go along, but the main thing I'm trying to say is that I've gotta be a "good guy", I suppose. I've legally been an adult for two years now, but now I've got to work on actually being one. Going out there, seeing some stuff, making connections, finding someone, settling down and being successful. It's been a little under twenty years since I entered this world on that cold January night, and judging by my relatives, I've got another 60 years ahead of me, so I've definitely gotta realise my hopes and ambitions from now on, and live the best life I can.

(Now watch me go back to sitting on my ass and browsing the internet for another week or so!)

Have you heard of
14th December 2021
I don't really want to dedicate this whole page to just doom-and-gloom stuff, so I figured I might as well make this post that I've had on the back-burner for a little while now, involving something strange and obscure I came across a while back on the internet. So about two-to-three years ago (fuck, has it been that long already?), I was browsing this thread on 4chan where some guy asked people to get him something cool while he gets stoned. One example came from somebody who offered this website, with the domain of This was an interactive Flash-based point-and-click affair (I don't know if you can call it a "game", since there's not much interactivity outside of clicking a few things, and there doesn't seem to be any objective), which was created by an artist named Josh Kimberg in 1997, during the early days of the internet and it was probably one of the first examples of Flash being used online prior to its explosion in the 2000s. It's also really weird. Like, super weird, and kinda creepy. I'll try and explain it about as well as I can.

This "experience" (I guess you can call it) takes place on this island, and the main character appears to be this human/furry kind of creature with a log for one hand, and another hand that's most often on fire. You can douse this hand in a lake of piss, but then it catches fire again once it comes into contact with the sun. This guy also has a few different forms, some are more simplified and stylised, while one of them is basically the character's face super-imposed over a tracing of a human body. There's also a bunch of other creatures that you can find around you, including the "Piss Poodle", which pisses from its head when you pinch its tail, making the piss lake I mentioned before. There's also the "Meat Angel", who holds a bucket of chicken drumsticks, and hosts "The Wound", who lives in a wound in her ass, and offers advice on what to do. But much of that advice doesn't really seem that helpful in terms of progressing through the experience, since there's no real beginning or end and all the pages loop back around to one another. So like I mentioned, it's not really meant to function as a game, and is basically just meant to be a strange and unique art project, that was meant to be told through what was then a new method of communication. So, let's just try and go over what this could all mean.

From what little I know about this whole thing, I believe that it has something to do with the idea of playing God, and attempting to accelerate the process of evolution. However, when attempting this, there appear to be situations where this rapid acceleration is prevented from taking place. This can be seen through the prior-mentioned multiple forms the main character takes, as well as his attempts at modifying his appearance, such as dousing his burning hand and chopping off the stump of his log arm, which are ultimately reversed either through later stages of the character's "evolution", or through outside events (e.g. The guy's hand catching fire again from the sun). There's also some imagery relating to Dolly the sheep, the first cloned mammal, a particularly topical topic for the time this thing was created, with a picture of her appearing in the Meat Angel's room, and what I assume is audio from a related news report playing after the guy chops his stump off. Maybe this is suggesting that potential future technologies relating to this experiment, such as human cloning, have shown little practical purpose outside of spectacle according to the artist, hence the whole "going round in circles thing"? Or maybe this theme is mostly related to the grotesque visuals, which could indicate how humans might potentially impact the world around them with this new-found scientific understanding?

In all honesty, I don't really know. I guess I'm kinda grasping at certain points, and maybe this is all just meant to be a weird thing about nothing. Still, who knows? Maybe you could find something more to it than I could. If you want to look for it, though, you probably don't have many options as of now. The website appears to have gone down a little after I found it in 2019, and since Flash is no-longer supported, then you're not gonna be able to navigate it the way it was on the Internet Archive without some kind of Flash emulator browser extension like Ruffle. I figured I'd make the process easier for you though, which is why I uploaded all the .swf files I could find on the Wayback Machine to the Archive at the end of last year, alongside an honestly rather complicated guide on how which file relates to which. This might not be all there is to it, though, since these were only the pages that were archived, and there might have been a few links that I somehow didn't notice when navigating the site via the Wayback Machine. Maybe at some point, I (though probably someone else) might be able to contact Josh Kimberg for a better understanding of the site in the future, but for now, I suppose this is all we have to work off of around this old relic of internet past.

Regarding Lowtax:
11th November 2021
I guess I'm not really involved with discussing the wild life of Richard "Lowtax" Kyanka, but if there's one thing I do know about him, it's what he's left behind following his untimely demise. Lowtax was the man who around 22 years ago created, which is a name you might not have heard of, especially if you're younger. However, if you've been on the internet long enough, or engaged in internet culture in any capacity, you've probably seen something that came from Something Awful without realising it. The Slender-Man mythos all stemmed from a Photoshop contest on the site. The phrase "All Your Base Are Belong To Us" was first spread around the site around the turn of the millennium. Chris Poole (better known as "moot") first got 4chan off the ground through a following on SA. Let's Plays as a genre of video first got their start on the forum. Even the practice of putting Impact font text over an image to make a meme comes from Something Awful. I partially created this site as a celebration of early internet culture, so in many ways I feel it necessary to appreciate the work achieved by the man who effectively created the "Ground Zero" for modern internet culture and discussion, something he apparently loathed, but his influence remains regardless.

Of course, I've come to learn that he was no saint, and was in many ways a divisive figure both on and off the internet. Whether it would be relatively menial issues such as his general neglect of the site following its heyday in the 2000s and requiring new users to pay a fee to register, to personal issues in his private life, such as a long history of domestic disputes with his many partners. These all made him the subject of ire in his later life, and he gave up ownership of the site to an admin about a year ago. Immediately prior to his death, he was settling a divorce with his third wife, which ruled his past behaviour as abusive. Shortly after the verdict, news broke of his suicide. He was 45, and left three daughters behind. The life Lowtax lived was, like many public figures, turbulent and controversial, and like many of those who lived this type of life, he was gone far too soon. But, in times like this, the most important things to consider here and now are both the privacy and wellbeing of his family, as well as the legacy his online work left behind. Whilst he may have not lived his best life, his work made many friendships, saw people gain fame and fortune, and changed the landscape of the internet forever. He wasn't a flawless man; nobody could suggest that, but he's a man who, whether we'd like to admit it or not, was key in creating the online landscape we know today.

The Death of Chris-Chan:
1st August 2021
I suppose I'm a bit late to this discussion, since I've been away for much of the weekend to see family, but I first took in much of the gruesome details surrounding this event on the the journey there, and they've basically been all I've been thinking about this past day or two. In case you're somehow not aware, no; Chris isn't actually dead, but let's just say he's "dead to us", if you know what I mean. Last Thursday, word came out about how Christian (or "Christine") Weston Chandler, one of the internet's most infamous figures, whose online presence has been tied to his seemingly never-ending "Love Quest", has finally found perhaps an end goal to this predicament, but in the worst manner possible. Chris has admitted in text and audio to a new "gal pal" that he has recently had sexual relations with his own mother. There's little more that needs to be said in order to nail in how shocking this whole event is to the communities that have documented him, but its actuality was cemented when news came of local police and doctors conducting a wellness check on the Chandler residence, which subsequently saw Chris removed from his home, whilst his mother Barb, was transferred to a care home, with Chris being forbidden from interacting with Barb due to an Elder Protection Order. This EPO was shortly violated once news came out that Chris was discovered to have been syphoning $750 from her account, in order to pay for his "expenses", whilst expecting a $1000 donation in the pipeline (which was obviously withdrawn once this came out). Last thing I've heard was that Chris is currently residing in a hotel and may or may not go to court for the things he's done.

This whole event has been a lot for me to take in personally. I first heard about Chris' escapades around early-mid 2015, shortly after his first proper run-in with the law following the whole GameStop incident. I'm well aware that this was long after the "Golden Age of Chris-Chan" as you might say, had come to an end, but I quickly grew fascinated in the history of this individual, like many others have before me. Whilst I was well aware that Chris had basically gone off the deep end with his more erratic behaviour, even compared to his past behaviour, I looked at him with some degree of sympathy, as I saw him as a sort of cautionary tale, partially because of his status as the Elvis of "lolcows", for his early following in an unfamiliar environment, but also because of his personal issues that people like me could fall into if we're not careful enough. His oftentimes ridiculous beliefs and creations also managed to capture my imagination in their absurdity, as you may have noticed by my more recent addition to this website's "Works" page, "Two Worlds Collide", which was based directly on Chris' ramblings on the so-called "Dimensional Merge". However, as you might expect, everything's changed. You can't look at a man who committed sexual acts against his own mother, who is far into her old age and could possibly even have dementia or a similar illness that results in a lack of proper consent, and still be sympathetic towards them. The best that can come of this is if Chris is taken into psychiatric help, where he can finally make steps towards bettering himself one way or the other, and at least become a semi-functioning member of society, like how he seemed to be shortly before the internet first found him. However, you can't do the things Chris did, and expect everyone to welcome you with open arms, and an event like this may spell the end of his documented online presence, and perhaps even the beginning of the end for his own life, at least as we know it.

There were many things that you could say got Chris to where he is today. Despite this event, one could argue that Chris was the victim of a lot of things: Excessive parental coddling, manipulation and verbal abuse from vast numbers of online trolls, and especially his own continued naivety and inability to change or gain motivation to do anything. But regardless, whatever direction his life has gone in, it all seemed to culminate in this event; something he can never take back, and something that the online world could never possibly forgive or forget. I know this whole thing has been a bit of a downer, and honestly I'm still trying to process all of this myself, but I still feel like I've got to say something about this event. At least we still have those shared experiences and memories surrounding that strange man from Ruckersville fresh in our minds, even if they've practiaclly soiled by what we found out in these past few days.

Update: It seems that Chris has now been escorted out of his hotel room and is now in police custody. It's anyone's guess as to where this may go next.

So I saw that new Adventure Time special. It definitely gave me a lot to think about. God did it give me a lot to think about.:
22nd May 2021
The whole thing was very existential like many later-season episodes tend to be, and appeared very beautiful in how it portrayed its narrative, plus it seemed nice that they actually gave something for The Lich to do after he was absent from the series finale. But the whole thing just felt really depressing, y'know what with both of the main characters being dead and all. I suppose it's also a bit of a shame that Finn's life after the Gum War wasn't really noted that much (yes, I know, another Finncel seething over his love life not getting a satisfying ending, but still). I mean, if Bubblegum and Marceline got a whole episode to themselves about their relationship, then I suppose it would make sense for Finn's later life to also be touched on (I mean, It wouldn't make sense to put people like Flame Princess in the title sequence if they weren't gonna show up). Though to be fair, Bubbline is by far the most popular ship in the series and basically single-handedly maintained the show's mainstream popularity in its later years, but Finn is still the main character, guys. Of course, you could say that the whole thing's open-ended to allow for the show to continue at a later date, but I don't really know if that will be happening anytime soon.

Together Again very much entails finality; both of the characters are dead forever (well, ignoring reincarnation of course), so I suppose it wouldn't make much sense to continue on with them in the future when there technically is no future for them, since their spirits have now being reincarnated, so I guess you can't really do anything with them until the dust settles in a long while, otherwise any continuation would feel like a cheap cash grab. Speaking of continuations, I suppose my personal ideas for a second series won't need to change much to fit into this new work, except for one major problem in the plot: Ghost Jake is one of the show's main characters and regularly interacts with Finn on his adventures. This goes completely against the main conflict of Together Again, where Finn is disappointed that Jake never communicated with him at any point following his death, despite that being possible for him to do. I could always work around this, but it may be difficult to do. I could just say that it was all a dream that Finn had to cope with Jake's death, but saying anything's "just a dream" is basically the cheapest of cop-outs you could possibly do. On the other hand, I could instead say that Finn and Jake would have to erase their post-death memories of each other following the events of the second series to allow Jake to ascend further towards reincarnation, like what happened to Donna in the Series 4 finale of Doctor Who (spoilers btw), but I also don't want to throw out Finn's characterisation and character development in this series.  Once again, the finality of this special wouldn't really allow for a proper continuation on the scale of the main series itself. I could maybe consider a comic series instead, like those sequel comics for Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and have the timeline diverge after "Come Along with Me", but I don't suppose I have the patience for writing and drawing comics independently the same way I do for basic script writing, but maybe something more might come of it in the future if I go down that route (like an adaptation somewhere down the line).

But I suppose those are all my thoughts for now. Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm gonna go off and stare out a window, listening to Guts' Theme from Berzerk, as I process what exactly I watched last night.

So this is my new blog:
7th April 2021
So, this is basically where I put out my personal thoughts and announcements and stuff. I might not do this particularly often, but I suppose this'll work well as a place for me to vent about shit, recount certain events (like interesting dreams or something) or explain a few things relating to my ideas. A bit like my old Tumblr blog from ages ago, but hopefully a little less cringy. It also might not be updated as frequently because I've gotta rely on my computer's HTML editor to write stuff. Still, I hope you guys stick around to see what I've gotta say.