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Adventure Time: Twenty Years Later
Ready Player One (Remake)
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Internet Personas I've lumped these in together since they all function largely the same as one-another. I'll just list them in a way I've done on my DA account:

 *Brody Jenkins - A high-energy YouTube vlogger who often partakes in outrageous activities, particularly in the case of his "prank" videos (these range from stealing candy from babies to leaving unattended bags on the Underground), all for the sake of YouTuber clout. Brody is mainly inspired by particularly infamous YouTube personalities of days gone by, such as Logan Paul, Touchdalite (the guy who apparently did strip-FIFA with his "13 year-old sister") and of course Jaystation. This will be the first character I'll focus on, since there will be much less of a budget needed for me to re-create his appearance (I intend to play most of these characters). All I need is a wig for his curly hair and an off-brand Supreme shirt that I can hopefully get for £20 to complete the look.
 *Lil' Nob - A low-quality Soundcloud rapper who hosts a radio show / podcast at the university he attends. Much of this show consists of presenting amateur rap tunes from the internet and occasionally bringing on guests. He also creates his own music and aspires to be a major player in the rap game, though much of his music discordant and the lyrics generally involve him braging about how many women he has slept with. As noted by his appearance, Lil' Nob is based on notable modern rappers such as Lil' Pump and 6ix9ine, as well as various amateur rappers of the internet. Since much of his appearances are audio-based, his overblown appearance may not be much of an issue when it comes to his podcast, though some more money would need to come through when it comes to his music videos.
Weebpatriot1926 - A Right-Wing anime reviewer from Minnesota, who generally acts crass around those he perceives to be "Libtards" and "SJWs", defending anime tropes such as Lolicon, whilst also shitting on modern western cartoons; he also holds one of the largest Dakimakura collections known to man. Of course, Weebpatriot1926 is based on the stereotype of the neckbeard weeaboo, and as a result may involve the use of prosthetics in order to complete his fat look, once I'm able to dedicate more time and money to these characters. I would also be interested in doing an internet-based movie involving him, titled "They'll Understand Me in Japan", in which he travels to Japan for two weeks as he considers moving to the country, as he believes they'll accept his weeaboo lifestyle more, before ultimately realising they'll also shun his personal habits.
 *Queer Queen - Real name Latisha Ahmed (actual real name Jane Simmonds), Queer Queen is an upper-middle-class obese white woman living in Berkley, California, who identifies as a "proud enby dyke" and a "woman of colour", despite only having 3.5% African heritage in her DNA, whilst also dating a man named Steven Tortellini, which she excuses as he appears "feminine". Queer Queen functions as a polar opposite to WeebPatriot1926 as well as Erran Morad from Sacha Baron Cohen's "Who is America?", in which instead of playing a crazy Right-Winger who gets other crazy Right-Wingers to do stupid shit, she functions as a crazy Left-Winger who gets other crazy Left-Wingers to do stupid shit, as a means to challenge the perception that Liberals are inherently more intelligent than Conservatives. Her character may reflect those of the "woke leftist", however her mannerisms are intended to be convincing to unsuspecting individuals, which is why someone else is better off playing her character, both because I'm a man (obviously) and I'm also shit at lying!
 *Steven Tortellini - Queer Queen's partner, who is the presenter of a series of lectures/video essays structured similarly to those created by Anita Sarkeesian and John Macintosh, who pushing Leftist talking points whilst showing a clear misunderstanding for the subjects he covers (e.g: Assuming Link is Non-Binary because he's apparently called Zelda). During this video series, he suffers what can be described as an existential crisis, questioning his beliefs as he focuses more and more on his partner’s open relationship with the swole Francis Washington. Tortellini fills the other end of the sterotypical Liberal spectrum of the so-called "soy-boy", though later parts of the series reveal he was once a rowdy and verbally abusive troll on Xbox Live, who felt remorseful for his actions later on, shortly before meeting Queer Queen.
Columbiapicturesfan1987 - An Autistic man with an affinity for film and TV logos; he claims to hold a strong infatuation for the lady featured in the Columbia Pictures logo (but only the 1981-1993 version; he hates the current version), and holds an extreme dislike for the "V of Doom" logo from Viacom.
 *Jimmy Metzger - More of a character like Lord Buckethead, in which most of his appearances are in public rather than in media; Metzger is a possibly mentally-ill, racist paedophile, running for Congress in Arkansas' 3rd District, the district housing the infamous town of Harrison. Metzger is made out to function as the worst possible political candidate and is based off of the actual political candidate of Nathan Larson from Virginia, a man whose behaviours shocked me when I first heard about them, regarding his beliefs of White Supremacy and the enslavement of women all covered in his policies.

A Fairly Concise History of Most Video Games A miniseries detailing the history of the video game industry in its first 50 years (1972-2022).
Born in the Wrong Generation: A Look into Temporal Dysphoria A mockumentary film about Steve Richards, a man living in 2023, though he lives his life as if he's in 2008, and is the centrepiece of a community of people known as "Offsetters", who claim to have "Temporal Dysphoria", in which sufferers feel they are part of the wrong time period, though Richards goes on to question if he has the disorder as he appears to have lost interest in the era he follows. This is based on the rise of the Otherkin or Therian communities, and their claims to host the spirits of animals.
The Reign of the Brunchers In the near future, a man named Joshua Parker (He/Him) lives on the campus of Amazon's Distribution Sector in Richmond, California, and has received work there since a "Great Reset" which he believed changed the world for the better. He lives on a staple diet of insects, which are delivered to his well-decorated concrete living space for a monthly fee by Amazon, whilst spending much of his evenings watching his favourite show, "The Cape People". However, when a rebellious woman breaks into the campus to extract details on corporate practices, Joshua learns that in a world where everyone is apparently equal, it turns out that some are more equal than others. This film discusses the "Great Reset" conspiracy theory and the possible world that may result from its details.
Iver A sitcom set in the years 1988 and beyond, starring three young boys living in and around the titular village. The show is filmed to appear as if it was created during the time in which it is set, using realistic computer effects to present buildings and vehicles in a format accurate to their past appearances, with this appearance being refined by having all scenes recorded on VHS tapes. The basic premise essentially functions as a mix between "Stranger Things" and "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia".
Devil's Advocate A documentary series detailing the various online and offline communities that advocate for many ideas seen as taboo, forbidden or even repulsive to the general populace, whilst trying to understand why exactly people are supportive of such rejected ideas ranging from shoplifting to zoophilia (of course, there would also be experts reminding us why they're wrong).
Parody Movie A man pitching an "alternative" comedy movie gets beaten up in the streets after his pitch is rejected, and wakes up in a Seltzer and Friedberg-esque parody film from the mid-2000s. He must travel across the US to return home, whilst dealing with the tropes of the film along the way.
Socially Distant A romantic comedy in which a twenty-something year-old man attempts to come into contact with a childhood friend of his, during the COVID-19 lockdown, despite being separated by many national borders, with another man already with her.
Two Worlds Collide A socially-inept twenty-something living in West London, has his life turned upside down when the real world and the fictional world merge together. This event prompts him to locate an anime character he had an infatuation for, so that he can elope with her; however, he comes to learn the importance of human relationships over the course of his journey. This series is based on the statements made by Chris-Chan surrounding the "Dimensional Merge"
From North Britain to South Britain (could think of a better title later) Set in a parallel universe based on the Timeline-191 series by Harry Turtledove, in which Britain loses WWII under a Fascistic dictatorship and is subsequently split in two: the Capitalist South and the Communist North. The work (perhaps a film, perhaps a series) is set in 1982, where a young man from London is tasked with helping a young woman from Manchester defect to the South, with some commentary on how our different regions of England appear largely different culturally-speaking.
Tales from the Net An anthology comedy series retelling stories passed around through the internet, with these ranging from poor-quality fanfictions to greentext stories on 4chan.
Dream Journal A sketch comedy/horror series (depending on how it makes you feel) which retells dreams held by the show's writers; the show would preferably appear late at night (around 2am) to confuse those who fall asleep in front of the TV, and would follow a format similar to Chris Morris' "Jam".