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Season 1
The Butterflies and Bees

"Finn? What's wrong, dear?"The gang's reunited to see off Jake.Finn thinks about Phoebe's words.Finn runs off for some adventuring.

Finn and King Butterfly lead the troops into battle.Phoebe introduces some home-grown cuisine.Jack DeWorms launches his guards on Finn and the royals.Phoebe's not too happy with Finn's recent antics.

Finn and Phoebe prepare for Finn's trip.Bonnie and Marcy (plus someone else) welcome Finn back to the Candy Kingdom.Finn gets put on the spot, not knowing what to say.Finn has an "exi-dental" crisis, as a familiar face looks on.

Finn chases down the mysterious thief.The night's Veritas Movement meeting is in full swing.Finn and the Banana Guard rush off to save Bonnie and Marcy."Who the Hell are you?! And who told you about any of this?!"
Justice is served at El Hotel.The newly-honoured Finn is greeted by Phoebe's warm embrace.
The Spirit of Crimmas

"I don't need to hear another word. Thank you."

Additional Pics

Promotional Poster
(Size 4000x2666 if you want it as a wallpaper!)
Promotional Poster (+text)Simon and his wheels (concept art)
Pen the Human (concept art)
Storyboard for the series' teaser trailer

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